Requesting & Reporting

Requesting a Module

Formerly, mod requests were handled by email, however, this became time consuming and inconvient for those responsible for distributing modules. Now, to request a module for home or online play, please log in and use the Module Manager.

Reporting a Module

For Convention play, the GMs will receive a sheet of paper for themselves, and one for each player. We suggest that you have the players fill out their own names, and their character names. Please remember to include the date and time that you run this slot. This will help us clear up any confusion if there are questions after the mod by the players. Should HoR be run at a convention that the admin staff is not in attendance, please contact the staff to make arrangements for the reports to be mailed to us.

Each Player at a table will receive a copy of the player mod cert. This form is for your benefit as players, to track what happens at mods. It has space on it for character name, mod name, any changes your character goes through mechanically, who sits the table with you, and anything of note the GM feels are important. At the bottom of the page is a spot for the GM to sign. If you play the session online, then that line should say Online Module, see report, and have the GMs name written in.

Each mod includes a series of questions at the end or in a seperate file. These questions cover the details about the mods that the writers felt were important for the storyline. As GMs, you are expected to note these details and report them to the coordinator of the event, or to Catlin Mills, after you run the slot. This can be done either by means of the sheet given at the con, or by e-mail for home play. It could include anything from Did the PCs save Doji Bob, or did Doji Bob duel Mirumoto Jim? But also should include any interesting side notes your table includes.

For home and online play, module reports can be submitted through the Module Manager. The player mod cert can downloaded, and distributed as needed.

All mods have 3 months after the release date for reports to come in. After that, while players are welcome to play, and encouraged to do so, the mod will no longer be valid for reporting purposes. You are still encouraged to report however! This will let us keep up on what is going on with our player base, and track the interest levels.

'Eating' a module

Occasionally we have a situation where a person must GM an adventure before getting a chance to play it. While we try to keep this from happening, sometimes it is unavoidable. Should you find yourself in such a situation, you may still apply credit from that adventure to one of your characters provided that the character could legally play the adventure. When doing so, the character recieves the maximum experience (usually 4 or 5), but no glory, honor, status, favors, allies or other rewards. When submitting a report for a module that you had to eat, submit one for the players, and a second one for your own character.