Many people enjoy wearing a costume to L5R LARP-type events, or even just to play modules! Please feel free to create your own costume, and be as authentic (or not!) as you like.


Sengoku Daimyo - A fairly detailed write up on Japanese historic costume. Some is absolutely wonderful but way too fussy for a convention. Please remember the average temperature in a room with over a hundred gamers when you plan your outfit. None of us wants to faint from heat exhaustion!


Folkwear - A very good source for accurate and easy kimono, and accurate (but not easy!) hakama, as well as several other styles.

Butterick - Adult male and female kimono and obi.

McCalls Costumes - Misses'/Girls' kimono and sash.

Simplicity Costumes Women's Geisha Costume


Kona Bay Fabrics - Asian Fabrics. Please note that this is a whole-sale supplier. HOWEVER its a good resource for what kind of fabric you want.

The Quilted Fox - A lovely fabric store that has a large selection of asian fabrics. They are located in St. Louis, MO, but are more than willing to do internet traffic. They are also willing to order fabrics if they don't have them in stock (such as items from Kona Bay).