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Campaign information is now live on the HoR wikipedia page!

Please go to the HoR wiki for information regarding Heroes of Rokugan 4.

Mods have been moved!

Please go to the HoR Main Site, and the link for Prior Campaigns, to download the mods from Spirit of Bushido!


Updated rules

The things that are listed as banned are still banned.
All currently restricted schools are approved for play. Changes to Kuni Witch Hunter and Matsu Beastmaster will be noted in the rules forum.

Shosuro Infiltrator may only be taken at rank 2 or later. You must purchase multiple schools for it, and your initial school must be a scorpion basic school.

Kata may freely be purchased at a cost of 2 favors, or one if the favor spent is from your clan.

Kiho may be gained only as they are allowed by various schools.

Higher Purpose, Great Destiny, Lord Moon's Curse, and Dark Fate are not available at this time. Blackmail must be gained in play, as must ally.

The advantage and disadvantage list will be further updated later.

Upcoming Modules!


Beginnings and End: You cannot fully grasp the beginning until you have reached the end.
A moment of truth: Will the death of a lord finally be avenged, years after his passing?
To Save an Empire: The empire's greatest enemy has been revealed. Can the forces of the clans bring them to justice? Battle Interactive)
Rebuilding the Empire: With the battle over, the future of Rokugan must be shaped by the survivors... though even the fallen may have a voice.Political Interactive

It's about time!

After the false start that the module manager experienced before, it's finally up and running. I hope you enjoy using it, but even if you don't, the old module request inbox will be completely decomissioned after KCGF, so get used to the new system.

Module Manager is live!

In an effort to cut down on the amount of work that the admin team has to go through to distrubute modules and track the results, we've launched the Module Manager. This handy little web application streamlines the process for requesting modules, uploading results and even tracking a PCs progress! Log in and check it out!


GenCon was amazing this year (not that it is ever anything else!) We had over 100 more players over the course of the slots this year verses prior years. It was a tight fit, but we all made it work. Thank you so much for your patience while we accommodated everyone! We had a lot of fun and we hope you did too!

Upcoming Conventions:

•Weekend in Rokugan 2014: March 21-23th

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